The following General Terms and Conditions (GTC) shall apply to all products and services offered by JOBCHANGER. By using our services, you accept the following Terms and Conditions unaltered and in full:


1.1. Subject Matter of the Agreement

The subject matter of these GTC is the legal relationship between JOBCHANGER on the one hand and jobseekers, companies seeking to fill vacancies and ecruitment agencies using its platforms and partner platforms on the other hand (hereinafter the ?User?) with regard to all the products and services offered by JOBCHANGER. These GTC shall apply with regard to each and every use of the products and services offered by JOBCHANGER (in particular the publishing of job ads, putting profiles online, retrieval of job ads and profiles as well as applications for job ads).

1.2. Conclusion of Contract

Consent to these GTC shall be given by signing a written cooperation agreement or a written offer, by explicit or implied acceptance of an order confirmation, by payment of an invoice or by use of the products and services offered by JOBCHANGER. When using the websites of JOBCHANGER, the User may be requested to repeat his consent to these GTC by means of activating a corresponding input field.

1.3. Integral Parts of the Contract

Integral parts of the contract are (where they exist in particular in a given case) (i) the written cooperation agreement concluded between JOBCHANGER and the User, (ii) the user-specific written offer, (iii) the written order confirmation, (iv) these GTC and (v) the product description published on the websites of JOBCHANGER applicable at the time a product or service is used. In the case of ambiguities or contradictions between the individual contract documents, the above stated order of priority shall apply. With regard to data protection, the Privacy Policy in force at any given time on the respective platform of JOBCHANGER shall apply.


2.1. Service Offer

The User selects the services to be performed by JOBCHANGER among the services on offer at the time of his use. The current service offer is described on the respective websites of JOBCHANGER.

2.2. Ad Account and Ad Quota

For companies seeking to fill vacancies and recruitment agencies, JOBCHANGER in particular offers the services ?Ad Account? and ?Ad Quota?. For the scope of services, the product descriptions published on the websites of JOBCHANGER at the time of use of the service shall apply.

  1. Ad Account

    In the case of an Ad Account, the User has, during the fixed contract term, an agreed number of ad spaces available to it for his own use. The User is entitled, when removing an ad, to directly publish a new job ad in the same ad space. To the extent that a limit on rotations is stipulated in the respective product description or in another integral part of the contract, the job ad published in a specific ad space may not be replaced with another with a greater monthly average frequency than that stipulated in the product description. A rotation limit of 6 (or 10) days means, e.g., that on a monthly average basis, a job ad cannot be replaced with another more frequently than every 6 (or 10) days, so that a job ad cannot be replaced by another more than 5 (or 3) times in the course of a complete calendar month. The User undertakes to comply with the applicable rotation limit. JOBCHANGER reserves the right to implement suitable technical measures to enforce any rotation limit in force.

  2. Ad Quota

    In the case of an Ad Quota, the User purchases a quantity of job ads for his own use and publishes these when needed on the websites of JOBCHANGER. Each job ad shall be published for a maximum of one month on the platforms of JOBCHANGER. The duration of the quota as stipulated in the respective product description or in another integral part of the contract shall apply. Unused job ads shall expire and shall not be reimbursed.


3.1. Publication of Ads and Profiles

By drafting a job ad, the company seeking to fill a vacancy or the recruitment agency grants its approval for the publication of the respective job ad on the platforms of JOBCHANGER and its partners, as well as other publication channels used by JOBCHANGER. In particular, the job ads may be shared on social networks by their respective users. By inputting their data, jobseekers declare their consent to have their respective profiles made available on the platforms of JOBCHANGER as well as the partner platforms selected by the User for companies seeking to fill vacancies and recruitment agencies. The non-publication or the defective publication of a job ad or a profile or the placement thereof somewhere other than agreed does not give rise to any claims against JOBCHANGER. The User is, however, authorized, to request that the notice or profile in question be published or be published correctly.

3.2. Allowable Uses

Job ads must imperatively be published under the name and in the design of the User and must contain the name and the contact address of the authorized owner of the ad account or the ad quota. Any transfer or handover of ad spaces or job ads to a third party without prior approval by JOBCHANGER. is excluded. The User bears the sole responsibility for the contents of its notice or profile. The user represents and warrants that all information contained therein is correct and up-to-date.

The websites of JOBCHANGER can only be used to publish job ads or profiles that seek to enable an appropriate search for candidates or vacancies, and that comply with all statutory requirements. Vacancy notices and profiles many in particular not violate the intellectual property, privacy or other rights of third parties (cf. Privacy Policy). The User undertakes not to publish any illegal content, in particular content of a racist, pornographic or personally injurious nature, via JOBCHANGER. Inadmissible is in particular the following content:

  • Immoral or offensive job offers or profiles;
  • Multiple job offers or profiles summarized under one publication;
  • Job offers with erroneous or lacking job titles or descriptions;
  • Job offers for multi-level marketing, pyramid schemes, home-based work, gift circles etc.;
  • Job offers with erotic contents or for escort services;
  • Mystery shopping offers;
  • Offers for continuing education;
  • Job offers referring to offers for other positions, to communication or other products;
  • Job offers with insufficient identity/address information, merely postal addresses (the exception is a numbered listing (anonymous) via JOBCHANGER).

Any published job offer must correspond to an actual vacant position. The user undertakes to reactivate a job offer only in case of a new vacancy.

JOBCHANGER reserves the right to remove from its services any notices or profiles that do not comply in full with these requirements, without prior notice or justification. In addition, JOBCHANGER reserves the right to block the User or its access to additional services by JOBCHANGER.

3.3. Compliance

Users warrant that they will only use the platforms of JOBCHANGER and its partner platforms in full compliance with all applicable statutory requirements. Recruitment agencies and employment services firms warrant in particular, that they are in possession of a valid recruitment or hiring of services permit and undertake to provide JOBCHANGER with a copy thereof on first request.


There is no early termination of an agreement concluded for a fixed term or a minimum term. In particular, where job ads, profiles or data are deleted early, payment is still owed in full and the User has no right to demand reimbursement of payments already made. The same applies in the event where JOBCHANGER must delete notices or profiles or block users on the basis of the present GTC or other integral parts of the contract.

JOBCHANGER is not obligated, following cessation of the Agreement, to retain any data or documents submitted to it, or to return these to the User, unless this has been explicitly agreed.


The payment obligations of the User shall commence upon conclusion of contract. Invoices from Ltd are payable within 30 days of receipt of the invoice, without deductions, provided other payment terms have not been explicitly agreed. In the event of any delays in payment, default interest at the rate of 5% shall be owed and following the second warning, fees shall be invoiced to defray the costs of default. Where the User is in default in regard to payment of invoices, JOBCHANGER shall in addition be entitled to suspend its services without prior notice and to block the User or his access to further services of JOBCHANGER. Where payment in installments has been agreed and the User is in default with payment of an installment this shall also render the remaining outstanding installments payable.


JOBCHANGER also publishes offers of third parties and/or links to offers or websites of third parties on its platforms. JOBCHANGER is not responsible for these third-party offers as well as for the contents of such third-party websites and excludes any and all liability in connection with such offers or third-party websites.


7.1. Liability of JOBCHANGER.

JOBCHANGER performs its services professionally and diligently. JOBCHANGER is not, however, in a position to guarantee that its services are available without interruption or free of errors. JOBCHANGER shall in particular not be liable for any interruptions of service and/or technical difficulties and the effects thereof. The job ads and profiles accessible on the platforms of JOBCHANGER originate from the respective Users and JOBCHANGER assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of this information. JOBCHANGER endeavors to prevent any unauthorized use by third parties of the data published on its platforms. All liability of JOBCHANGER in the case of unauthorized use by third parties is, however, explicitly excluded. JOBCHANGER assumes no responsibility for the success of a given job ad or profile. In any event, all liability on the part of JOBCHANGER is limited to illegal intent or gross negligence. Any liability for indirect damages or consequential damages is excluded.

7.2. Liability of Users

The User is responsible for the legality, accuracy and completeness of the content made available or entered for publication on the platforms of JOBCHANGER and its partner platforms. The User is responsible for the careful and confidential safekeeping of his user information (in particular user name and passwords) and for all activities carried out through his or her account. The User is liable vis-à-vis JOBCHANGER irrespective of any fault, for all damages and costs incurred as a result of breaches of these GTC or other integral parts of the contract and shall indemnify JOBCHANGER for any and all claims asserted by third parties against JOBCHANGER as a result of the User?s use of the platforms of JOBCHANGER and its partner platforms. Such damages for which compensation shall be owed include reasonable legal fees. JOBCHANGER will immediately inform the User about any claims asserted by third parties.


8.1. Place of Performance

The place of performance for all services to be performed by JOBCHANGER is the business domicile of JOBCHANGER.

8.2. Amendments to the Contract Terms

JOBCHANGER reserves the right to amend these GTC at any time. Between the User and JOBCHANGER, the version of these GTC currently published on the websites of JOBCHANGER shall apply. JOBCHANGER will inform the User in advance and on its websites or by other such suitable means, as to any amendments to these GTC.

8.3. Changes to the Service Offer

JOBCHANGER reserves the right to change or terminate, in part or in full, its service offer at any time, without prior warning or giving reasons for doing so. Such changes or suspension of the service offer shall not entitle the User to assert any claims against JOBCHANGER. JOBCHANGER will endeavor, in the event of any changes to or suspension of the service offer, to make available to the User a service offer of comparable value.

8.4. Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction

These GTC and the other contract components, as well as any disputes which arise from or in connection with the contract relationship between JOBCHANGER and the User, shall be exclusively governed by the substantive laws of Switzerland. The ordinary courts at the place of registered office of JOBCHANGER shall have exclusive jurisdiction, whereby JOBCHANGER shall also be entitled to seek redress against the User at the latter?s place of domicile.

Zürich, April 2017

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